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Grace Plastic Surgery clinic is who continues to think and research about the “beauty”.

We are the one leading the medical technique and thinking & providing on the patient’s side first.

We are the one contributing from the patient’s health, doctors educating to medical development.

As a plastic surgeon, member of the Korean Cosmetic Surgery Society, member of the Expert Group for Breast (KPRAS) & member of the Expert Group for Eye (KPRAS); Chief Doctor, Moonseop Choi is focusing on the breast revision and anti-aging procedures.

From Dr. Choi to Dr. Kim Yunho (focusing on eye, nose, body surgery) and anesthesia specialist Dr. Park Jaehong, the procedures are processed.

Grace Plastic Surgery has its own patent about the breast surgery which is called “MAGIC PEACH BREAST AUGMENTATION” and continuously researching through academic works.

미(美)에 대한 끊임없는 교육과 연구를 통하여 의학시술을 선도하고 환자중심의 의료서비스를 제공하며 환자의 건강한 아름다움을 실현, 인재육성, 의학 발전에 기여하는 병원입니다.

성형외과 전문의이자 대한미용성형외과학회 정회원, 대한성형외과학회 유방성형연구회 & 눈성형연구회 정회원으로써 가슴성형과 재수술,

안티에이징 수술을 중점 진료하고 있는 최문섭 대표원장을 주축으로

눈,코 성형과 체형성형을 중점 진료하고 있는 성형외과 전문의 김윤호 원장, 마취통증의학과 전문의 박재홍 원장으로 구성되어 있고,

그레이스성형외과만의 특허 가슴성형 브랜드인 매직피치가슴성형을 보유하고 있으며 꾸준한 학술활동을 통해 연구를 지속하고 있습니다.


作为整形外科专家也是大韩整形外科学会正式会员, 大韩整形外科学会乳房整形研究会和眼部整形研究会正式会员, 以胸部手术,修复手术,与抗衰老手术治疗为主的代表院长崔文燮为引领, 与以眼睛,鼻子整形和 体型整形为主的整形外科专家金尹镐院长, 麻醉疼痛医学专家朴再宏院长,构成格瑞斯专家团队。

仅 格瑞丝整形外科拥有专利的胸部手术品牌 魔法蜜桃 ,我们会继续做好胸部手术并通过孜孜不倦的学术活动对其进行持续研究。


3D Designed Breast Augmentation

Using a precise map of your own body created with Divina®, you’ll see a custom 3D simulation of your results.

Breast Augmentation

Safety and innovation in breast augmentation with 6th generation implants for tailored results

Breast Reconstruction

Innovative solutions in breast reconstruction using Motiva implants®

Ergonomic Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation solutions using Ergonomix® – the world’s first ergonomic implant, designed to look, feel, and move just like real breast tissue.


Get a full and youthful-looking breast with a Motiva® breast lift

Minimal Scar Breast Augmentation

In a Motiva MinimalScar® procedure, surgeons use tools and techniques to reduce incisions to nearly half the standard size.

MotivaHybrid® Breast Augmentation

MotivaHybrid® balances smaller Motiva Implants® with fat grafts purified for natural-looking results.

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