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Both your well-being and success as a plastic surgeon matter to us; we are dedicated to supporting you through these times of crisis.
We will come out stronger, together.

Motiva Implants®️ are currently not yet approved for commercial distribution in the United States or Canada

Provide support during Covid-19

In the midst of COVID-19, getting back to “business as usual” can be a bumpy road. So with the hope of making your transition back as smooth as possible, we want to offer our support. We have created resources containing various tips and guidelines that will aid you and your practice in the upcoming future. Such as: how to carry out video consultations and the best practices for returning to the clinical environment.


As part of our mandate to help surgeons network, exchange experiences, share tips and tricks, and receive quality content, we have created our MotivaEDGE®️ Webinar program. Click below to access our complete webinar schedule which have included topics such as: Business growth, 3D Technology in Breast Augmentation, Evolution, Optimism in Plastic Surgery During a Pandemic, and more!



Provide education

Motiva® is a leader in medical education within breast aesthetics. MotivaEDGE® is a global platform exclusively dedicated to furthering medical education for plastic surgeons.
Dive into a plethora of resources including: planning breast augmentations, best practices of surgical techniques in breast aesthetics and reconstruction, resolving complications, scientific articles, practice growth and so much more.

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Let patients find you

What if we told you we could lead potential patients right to your clinic?
In our efforts to support women throughout their surgical journey, we have developed the Motiva®️ Center Locator - designed to connect patients with Motiva®️ partners.
Additionally, because our marketing efforts drive traffic to the center locator, practices listed will have the opportunity to receive greater exposure to these potential patients.

Give you access to social media material

Gain access to our Resource Center, filled with Motiva® educational and marketing materials. All content can be used freely to help market your practice through social media and other relevant channels.

Still need more reasons?
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Add value with our unique designed surgeries

Delivering innovative solutions in breast aesthetics means thinking beyond breast implants. With our designed surgeries, we can help you do that. Our designed surgeries offer a unique value proposition to you and your patients by matching specialized techniques and state-of-the-art tools for safe and predictable outcomes.
Make your practice more distinguished with MotivaHybrid®️, Motiva MinimalScar®️ and Motiva Ergonomix®️.

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