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= Self Care

All out of scrolls? it only takes about 10 minutes to potentially save your life.

That's how long it takes to complete a breast self-exam.

Let's walk through the process together. For a step-by-step guide on how to complete your self-exam, play our video here

The actual red flags you should know by heart.

Get to know your body and learn how to identify the signs and symptoms that can be related to breast cancer

1 Unexplained changes in the size or shape

2 Change in skin texture, or enlargement of pores

3 Nipple slightly inverted or inward

4 Dimpling in any area

5 Unexplained swelling, especially one-sided

6 Scaly, red or swollen breast skin, aureola or nipple

7 Sensitivity in the nipple and presence of lumps or thickenings

8 Nipple discharge

9 Sensitivity and presence of lumps near in the armpit

10 Unexplained shrinkage, especially one-sided

No snoozing for this alarm

We are all about self-care and that includes performing a self-breast exam every month