When it comes to breast augmentation, noticeable scarring is often a concern that many women express to their surgeon – and justifiably so.

Every surgery – even the cosmetic kind – involves the need for an incision. While certain surgical techniques and post-op care measures can reduce the degree of scars, the lack of elasticity in breast implants from most of the industry’s leading manufacturers force the need for incisions of a certain length, as surgeons must insert them into the breast pocket without damaging the implant itself or the surrounding tissue.

Unlike our competitors who continue to promote implant technology from the 90s, we believe that women deserve to reap the benefits of medical innovation and product evolution.

We teamed up with plastic surgeons dedicated to constant improvement of the options available to patients to develop not only 6th generation implants with advanced properties, but also a suite of surgical tools and techniques that minimize incision size – and thus, resulting scars – as much as possible.

A standard breast augmentation (i.e. using conventional/generic surgical tools and non-Motiva® implants) normally involves an incision as long as 4.5 cm. In contrast, a Motiva MinimalScar® procedure – a breast augmentation protocol with Motiva Ergonomix® implants and proprietary tools designed to be compatible with smaller incisions – can be performed with an incision nearly half that length

The benefits of Motiva MinimalScar® aren’t limited to an inconspicuous scar. With the accompanying surgical tools, surgeons can:

  • perform the procedure more quickly
  • minimize tissue trauma for an easier recovery, and
  • reduce the risk of infection by combining the smaller incision with a “no-touch” insertion technique

What makes Ergonomix® better suited to minimal incisions than other implants are the low viscosity (i.e. ability to flow easily) and high elasticity (i.e. ability to return to its original form after a heavy force is applied on it and then removed) of its silicone gel, ProgressiveGel Ultima®.

When a surgeon folds an Ergonomix® implant to fit through a small incision, it is highly unlikely to experience damage or gel rupture and will return to its original shape when unfolded inside the breast pocket. In fact, an Ergonomix® implant can be folded down for insertion through an incision as short as 2.5 cm (which is less than the diameter of a US dollar coin).

Search our clinic locator to find a surgeon in your region offering Motiva MinimalScar®.


*Motiva Implants® are not yet commercially available in US and are undergoing clinical investigation pursuant to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for investigational medical devices.

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