Carovivakliniken - Dr. Andreas Lindahl

Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 11 B 75237, Upsala, Sweden

Dr. Lindahl is a highly experienced plastic surgeon with great esthetic talent who offers tailor-made plastic surgery for breast, face and body. He is held in high regard by his patients and colleagues alike and previously worked for many years at Improva Plastic Surgery in Stockholm and at Art Clinic in Sweden. Carovivakliniken is a small luxury clinic offering world class plastic surgery and esthetic procedures in Uppsala, Sweden. Customers always have their own stylish room throughout their visit and service is exemplary. In collaboration with Motiva Imagine, Carovivakliniken specializes in breast augmentation but offers all procedures. Their follow-up is unrivalled, and the Caroviva team sincerely care about their customers.