Dr. Alexander T. Hamers AESTHETICS, Cologne

Aachener Str. 577, 50226 Frechen, Germany

As a board certified Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, I offer all aspects of cosmetic surgeries such as breast and buttock augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, but also non-surgical facial rejuvenation, wrinkle therapy and many more procedures. Our goal is to achieve improvement whilst maintaining a natural appearance and to provide you with the highest standard of care which is in your best interest. Nowadays a combination of silicone gel implants and fat grafting – supercharged or compound – is seen as the top technology in breast augmentation surgery. Fat grafting of silicone breast augmentation unites the best of both techniques: While the modern silicone implant provides good, persistent volume, it stays short of perfection regarding cleavage shaping. Combined subcutaneous volume shaping via fat transfer now offers the possibility of shaping the cleavage and narrowing the breasts. The result is a full, yet natural cleavage and an altogether aesthetically pleasing breast shape. The silicone implant is normally placed sub-muscularly, under the pectoral muscle with a small scar on the lower side of the areola or in the under-breast fold. The silicone gel implant can be round or anatomical, as patients prefer. The added fat grafting helps to smooth the implant borders, enhance the cleavage area and fill the gap between the breasts.