Dr. Boukouvalas Plastic Surgery Group, Athens

Ermou, Athina, Greece

Dr Boukouvalas along with his Medical Team, top specialized Plastic surgeons, dermatologists and experienced staff offer top quality cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and antiaging treatments. Right now, he runs five practices in Syntagma, Kifisia, Glyfada, Thessaloniki and Nicosia. In his state-of-the-art practices, Dr Boukouvalas offers: • Breast augmentation – Subfascial Technique. Dr Boukouvalas is the Greece’s leading provider of lifetime guarantee implants, performing more procedures in Greece than any other surgeon. He specializes in Breast Augmentation procedure with the Subfascial technique, with which implants are inserted under the fascia of the major thoracic muscle. There is a very short inframammary incision which is practically invisible. The correct surgical placement of the implant ensures no problems with lactation, nipple sensation and breast monitoring through a mammography. Thus post-surgically the breasts have a very natural appearance without any signs of the procedure. It is an one day, painless procedure with minimal recovery time with very satisfactory, guaranteed natural-looking and permanent results. • Liposuction 4D High Definition Lipoplasty. It is the evolution of the High Definition technique which can be applied to the whole body, not only to the abdominal area (6-pack), but to the arms, chest, buttocks, thighs, hips and back as well. The extracted fat is transferred to other areas in an artistic manner playing with curves, hollows, light and shadows. The 4D Lipoplasty produces unsurpassed results in all treated areas of the body resembling a well trained and healthy look. It is a Day Case procedure under local anesthesia and mild sedation, pain-free with permanent results.