Mark Ho-Asjoe: Plastic Surgery Clinic London

4 Upper Wimpole Street London W1G 6LF

In private practice Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe undertakes all aspects of Cosmetic and Aesthetics surgery, as well as Reconstructive surgery. His special interests include microsurgical breast reconstruction and aesthetics surgery. Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe has been an examiner for the Diploma of Aesthetics Plastic Surgery for many years and regularly lecturing UK and Europe in the use of Porcine Dermal Matrix in aesthetics and reconstructive breast surgery. Over the years he has contributed to a number of press articles on the subject of plastic and reconstructive surgery and in peer reviewed journals. Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe also specializes in minimally-invasive aesthetic face and body reshaping using toxins and dermal fillers and is skilled in non-surgical procedures.