Park Medisch Centrum & Parkkliniek, Rotterdam

Hoofdweg 90, 3067 GJ Rotterdam, Netherlands

At Parkkliniek you are in the best hands! Parkkliniek is a leading clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgery in The Netherlands. Parkkliniek opened its doors back in 1996 and has built an amazing reputation across the country by choosing for quality on all fronts: honest advice, highly experienced medical specialists and anaesthetists, the best equipment and clear agreements. Parkkliniek offers a wide range of treatments on a friendly and honest rate. All surgeons are members of the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery (NVPC). Every doctor in our clinic has his or her own specialism. The treatments meet the most advanced medical treatment methods combined with a personal, honest and individual approach. All or our facilities serve to offer the best treatments with minimal risk for the patient and we offer the best comfort to our patients.