WiSH Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, Taipei

Floor 6, Huaxin Commercial Plaza, No. 221, Seg 4, Zhongxiao east road, Da' an district, Taipei

Dr. Chuang's philosophy: The concept “understanding your wishes, we offer you supreme beauty” is the reason behind the name of WiSH aesthetic surgery clinic. It implies that physicians should not only possess abundant expertise and experience and adeptly and safely execute various plastic surgeries to fulfill patients’fundamental requirements but also have rich esthetic and artistic cultivation to materialize abstract concepts in concrete surgeries, thus meeting the high expectations of beauty-loving patients. This also constitutes the mission that Dr. Chuang and all his colleagues have been endeavoring to achieve. Being the largest project in esthetic medicine and all-encompassing in contents, plastic surgery conforms to the requirements of medical care, health, and safety. Therefore, letting patients enjoy the beautiful transformation and ultimate results without concerns and providing the highest quality medical service and environmental facilities will be an objective we persistently strive for.