The new experience of breast augmentation

When women ask for JOY® by Motiva®, are you in?

For over a decade, we have created patient centric solutions for the most discerning plastic surgeon partners.

There are many considerations for both patients and plastic surgeons when taking their respective decisions in a breast augmentation journey.

JOY® by Motiva® was created to address patient concerns and entry barriers to having a breast augmentation, while increasing value for plastic surgeons.

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New formula for enhanced ergonomy with improved mechanical properties.1


A controlled advanced smooth surface that improves biocompatibility.2


A lightly tinted, blue barrier layer, made with biocompatible dyes to allow for its pre-surgical visual inspection.


A gel with a unique set of rheological properties that provides a better adaptation to movement than other silicone gels tested, resembling the mobility of natural tissue.1


A proprietary multi-layer system unifying the implant’s structure and allowing it to bend and squeeze.1


Qid® is battery-free and passive radiofrequency identification device that safely stores the serial number and related information about your implants.3

1 Data on file. Establishment Labs®.

2 Doloff JC, Veiseh O, de Mezerville R, et al. The surface topography of silicone breast implants mediates the foreign body response in mice, rabbits and humans. Nature Biomedical Engineering. 2021;5(10):1115-1130. doi:10.1038/s41551-021-00739-4

3 Nelson MT, Brattain KA, Williams JM. Does Electronic Identification Enablement for Silicone Gel Implants Impact Patient Safety? J Surg Open Access. 2018;4(1):1-7. doi:10.16966/2470-0991.162

Gli impianti JOY Ergonomix2 possono essere utilizzati in combinazione con un intervento di mastoplastica additiva con incisione minima che garantisce una cicatrice di dimensioni ridotte e un recupero più confortevole per la paziente.

Quando opportuno dal punto di vista medico, gli impianti Motiva possono essere combinati con innesti di grasso purificato prelevato da altre parti del corpo della paziente.

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Le pazienti possono trovare immagini di look diversi, scegliere quelli che gli interessano di più e creare una bacheca d’ispirazione.

Le pazienti possono trovare i chirurghi che operano nella propria zona (o ovunque desiderino) e mettersi in contatto con loro.

Un’esperienza in cui le pazienti possono seguire una guida per effettuare l’autoesame e scoprire informazioni sulla salute del seno.