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Aesthetic BreastRecon®

A new breast reconstruction platform designed to enhance women’s beauty and safety

Let’s keep innovation blooming!

Reconstruction Patient

“Why would I settle? I wanted to like the way I looked. If I look this good with a tissue expander, I can’t imagine what I will look like with the implant.”


Aesthetic Breast

A new breast reconstruction platform designed to enhance women’s beauty and safety

Let’s keep innovation blooming!

Reconstruction Patient

“Why would I settle? I wanted to like the way I looked. If I look this good with a tissue expander, I can’t imagine what I will look like with the implant.“


We are confident that our commitment to women´s well-being and our innovative technologies around Aesthetic BreastRecon® can help women feel like themselves again, by bringing them solutions that enhance both beauty and safety.

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Meet the Motiva Flora® Tissue Expander!

State-of-the-art Technology

Soft to the touch

Advanced smooth surface designed to reduce inflammation and complications related to internal scar tissue seen with other conventional tissue expanders5,9

Anatomical shape

Provides a natural-looking slope in the upper part and more fullness in the lower portion during the expansion process, promoting organic results in the reconstructed breast

Magnet-free port

Labeled as MRI conditional, meaning that you can safely undergo MRI scanning during the expansion process, which to date has been seen as unsafe with other tissue expanders available on the market2

TrueFixation® system

Includes fixation tabs made from reinforced silicone meant to improve breast symmetry and prevent displacement after surgery8, which provides stability throughout the expansion process

Radiopaque orientation lines

Designed to promote the correct positioning of the Motiva Flora® Tissue Expander by aligning the orientation lines with the midline of the breast during implantation

Let’s keep innovation
blooming with Motiva Flora®!

MRI conditional technology

Hybrid ergonomic reconstruction

1. Motiva Flora® Tissue Expander
2. Hybrid ergonomic reconstruction
3. Motiva® Implants

Let’s keep innovation blooming with Aesthetic BreastRecon®


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