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GlutealArmonic® is a smooth-surfaced implant with a harmonic shape (with two superior oval-shaped quadrants and two inferior round-shaped quadrants) specifically designed for augmenting and sculpting the gluteal area.

A Gluteal Implant with a Harmonic Design

Orientation Guides

The radiopaque orientation lines and dots on the shell of GlutealArmonic® simplify implant placement during surgery and allow for verification of its position with X-ray during post-op followups.

GlutealArmonic® Technology

Full, Sculpted Glutes

Filled with our innovative ProgressiveGel® Contour.

Orientation Guides

Aids implant placement and monitoring post implantation.

Bioengineered, Cell-Friendly Surface

SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®. Less bacterial adhesion [5] and less friction [6] for reduced inflammation.

Surgery Pairing

Puregraft® Fat Grafting

Puregraft® selective closed-system design for safer, more sterile processing.

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Breast implants are not lifetime devices. The life expectancy of a silicone breast implant cannot be precisely estimated or guaranteed as there are many factors beyond the manufacturer’s control that can affect the longevity of a device.

Your surgeon will provide you with aftercare instructions which must be followed to ensure optimum results. Although surgical instructions vary, it is usually recommended to avoid driving and heavy lifting in the first few weeks, avoid strenuous exercise for six weeks, and maintain your surgical bra for six weeks.

Ergonomix® with ProgressiveGel Ultima® are designed for women who want a breast implant that offers the most natural look and feel possible; one that even adapts to their natural movements.

However, it is more important to discuss your goals and implant choices in consultation with your surgeon before assuming a certain implant type is the best option for you.

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