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Why Partner with Motiva®

Whether your goal is to attract more patients or generate more value per patient (or both!), marketing and promotion expenses for your practice can often little return on investment if they do not ultimately strike the right chord.

Practice marketing can turn expensive quite quickly. For example, the average marketing spend by a plastic surgery practice in Europe can be as high as EUR 800 per patient. Let’s help you upgrade your offerings, increase patient conversion, and boost your practice’s reputation.

Learn About the Latest Technologies and Procedures

Through MotivaEDGE®, our medical educational program, you will have access to the latest studies, techniques and resources for your practice.

Getting Started with Motiva®

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Our dedicated medical education program, designed to offer plastic surgeons classes and workshops when transitioning to Motiva Implants®.

Resource Center

Surgical techniques, studies, clinical, webinars and social media content, all ready to use.


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