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Grants for Surgeons

Helping healthcare professionals enhance the care of their patients.

Available Grants

Establishment Labs® believes in providing support to educational activities and programs that help healthcare professionals enhance the care of their patients. Our Grants program objective is that both healthcare professionals and patients benefit from a wide variety of educational opportunities that support advancements in medical technology.

We prioritize support in areas of scientific interest to the company that are intended to contribute to improve healthcare providers knowledge and patients experience.

All supported projects comply with standard industry regulations and our internal policies. None of the projects is determined or influenced by the value of any business that could be potentially generated by the grant requester. The grant requester is not obligated to purchase, use, recommend, or arrange for the use of any product manufactured by Establishment Labs®.

Grant Information

Which Organizations Are Eligible To Request Grants?

  • Academic medical institutions
  • Hospitals/Clinics
  • Professional medical societies
  • Patient advocacy and education organizations
  • Accredited/certified continuing education providers

Grant Guidelines

Requests should be submitted at least 45 days prior to the start of the program.

Submission of a grant request does not guarantee approval or support for the entire amount requested (or any portion thereof).

For Educational grant programs, payment will be made to the educational body unless otherwise specified in writing.

Which Activities Are Not Supported Through Our Grant Process?

  • Programs not approved by Establishment Labs® prior to the date of the event
  • Requests outside the areas of Establishment Labs’s business, educational, and/or research interest
  • Requests from commercial organizations

Which Type Of Grant Is Right For Me?

Requests for research grant support of any kind, including product or financial support, are covered under this review process. If an application is approved, execution of a milestone-based contract is required for disbursement of the grant, and the investigator must attempt to present the research at a recognized educational forum and attempt to publish the study results in a peer-reviewed journal.

This application process is intended for healthcare professionals and scientists who are published and experienced in research.

Educational Grants

This application should come from a healthcare institution, organization or association that supports independent medical or healthcare education activities (accredited or non-accredited) where the grant recipient is responsible for developing content and managing the educational event and no tangible return is expected in exchange for the grant. These programs are bonified educational activities consistent with applicable industry codes and internal policies requirements. Funding will not be tied to promotion of commercial interests.

Research Grants

This grant provides funding to a healthcare professional, healthcare institution, organization or association pursuant to a protocol for the purpose of furthering basic or applied medical research and where no tangible return is expected in exchange for the grant.

Investigator-Initiated Study Support

This grant funds general study support for research in the breast augmentation and reconstruction field. This may include product and/or financial support.


For assistance with the submission of Grant requests, please contact:


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