More Than Just a Breast Implant

Breast augmentation is not a one-time event: it’s a journey. And we want to accompany you through it to make sure you have the right information, support and resources to get you where you want to be.

Our Commitment to Women

At Motiva® we prioritize your health, safety and education above else. Learn about our patient-centric initiatives here:

Health Coach

Track your breast health with the help of experts, our Health Coach will help you stay on the top of your breast health.

Motiva® Match

Choosing the right procedure has never been this easy. With Motiva® Match you can find the best solution for you, customized to your specific needs and wants.

Implant Registration & Warranty

Your safety and peace of mind are worth it. Registering your implants is one of the most important steps towards an amazing, stress-free breast augmentation journey.

Regulatory Documents

Get access to information for the patient, directions for use, safety and clinical performance information about our devices for an informed decision making.

Benefits of Registering

Safety First, Always

All of our efforts go into leading the latest technology advancements into safe, biocompatible devices that feel as great as they look.

Take Control of Your Journey

The best choice of breast augmentation is the one that you make for yourself after doing exhaustive research. Ask questions, read up, take your time, you got this.

Rest Assured

Our warranties were created so that you can go on this journey feeling as safe, stress-free and accompanied as possible. We’re here for you.

Find the Right Doctor for You

Through our Center Locator, you can pick a top performing surgeon near you. Don’t settle until you find your best option!

Personalize Your Results

With our different implant technology options and designed surgeries, you can actually control your result to the last detail, making sure it fits your body and personality just how you want it to.

Join a Community of Amazing Women

Becoming a Motiva® Girl is no small feat. Get to know these incredible women, their stories, their wisdom and their experience can be big help when starting your breast augmentation journey.

What Women Are Saying

Real Story
"Previously I had another brand of implants and then I changed to Motiva®. Now I feel way better, more confident."
Maria José
Implant Upgrade - Motiva® Round 475cc
Real Story
"My surgeon recommended Motiva® because I wanted volume and a natural-looking result. I felt the difference between Motiva® and other implants and was convinced that I should get Motiva®. I had no breasts left after breastfeeding my children, and I was sad about how my breasts looked, and I didn't feel feminine."
Mommy Makeover
Real Story
"I’m a woman who really likes to feel secure, and part of that security for me was my breasts. I know I have to be conscious that I lost them, and this reconstruction is like a gift, it’s like having them back but in another way."
Breast Cancer Survivor
Real Story
"My experience with Motiva® is sometimes hard to describe. I’ve had the best team around me during the surgery and since day one, my motivas [have] felt natural and a part of my daily life! It feels like I’ve had them forever and they remind me every day that I [made] the right decision by choosing Motiva®."
Natural Look

Register for the Experience

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