Feel the difference

Design your ultimate breast look
Make safe decisions you trust
Experience true support

A Completely New Breast Augmentation Experience:


Ultimate implant design with improved safety features.


Enhanced ergonomy, extra soft feel, and natural movements.


JOY Partners trained to achieve beautiful, personalized results with Ergonomix2®


The most comprehensive warranty and reversibility support in case of implant removal.


Tools for education, experiences, and inspiration to facilitate your journey.

A completely new
Breast Augmentation Experience

– An Even Safer Choice
– Real touch feel
– Trained plastic surgeons
– Improved support programs
– Community

Ergonomix2® – Enhanced Technology, Next Generation Implant

The unique features of our Ergonomix® implant, taken to the next level:
Ergonomix2® comes with improved properties thanks to our new technologies: Motiva SuperSilicones®, TrueMonobloc+, and BluSeal+®.

Results Beyond Looks

A more elastic, advanced, smooth implant.


New formula for enhanced ergonomy and feel with improved mechanical properties of tested commercially available implants.


A proprietary multi-layer system unifying the implant’s structure and allowing it to bend and squeeze with Motiva MinimalScar®.


“The blue implant” The only device of its kind with a visual safety barrier, achieving the lowest level of gel diffusion of tested commercially available implants.


A gel with a unique set of rheological properties that provides a better adaptation to change than other silicone gels tested, resembling the movement of natural tissue.


A controlled advanced smooth surface that improves biocompatibility.


All the information you should know about the implants, kept safely through a battery-free and passive radiofrequency identification device.

Know Your Options

Explore our range of technologies created for personalized results you can trust.





- Motiva SuperSilicones® - TrueMonobloc+ - ProgressiveGel Ultima® - BluSeal+® - SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®

- JOY platform - Qid® - Motiva MinimalScar® - Motiva Woman’s Choice Program - Always Confident Warranty®

- MotivaHybrid®


- TrueMonobloc® - ProgressiveGel ULTIMA® - SmoothSilk®/ SilkSurface®

- Always Confident Warranty®

- Qid® - MotivaHybrid® - Motiva MinimalScar® - 2Y Extended Warranty* - 5Y Extended Warranty**

Motiva® Round

- Progressive Gel® PLUS - TrueMonobloc® - SmoothSilk®/ SilkSurface®

- Always Confident Warranty®

- Qid® - MotivaHybrid® - 2Y Extended Warranty* - 5Y Extended Warranty**

*Add-on option on implants without Qid®
**Add-on option on implants with Qid®

Designed to Feel Like You

Real Movement, Soft Feel

Soft to the touch and readily adapting to follow your movements, Ergonomix2® is designed to feel even more like a part of you. This new generation of implants brings you a difference in mobility that can actually be felt.

Tailored results through JOY Partners

Our proprietary tools are specially created to provide you with the exact outcome you desire with our unique Designed Surgeries. Through JOY Partners, you can opt for these personalized procedures:


A minimal-incision breast augmentation that uses the smallest possible incisions with a more comfortable recovery for you. Always included with JOY when medically permissible.


Combine your Motiva Implants® with purified fat grafts from other parts of your body you wish to slim. This is an option that can be discussed with your JOY plastic surgeon.

Freedom of Choice and Peace of Mind

No matter where you are in your breast aesthetic journey, we know there are many choices and important issues to consider.
Through JOY by Motiva®, we want to make sure we are your trusted partner for breast aesthetics, whatever your concerns or questions might be.
Traditionally, breast augmentation is viewed as a lifelong commitment. Some women will want to have implants their whole life, but for others, this is not the case. Once again, Motiva® decided to challenge what is normally done by giving more power of choice to the patient, without leaving all the financial responsibility up to her, through the new Motiva Woman’s Choice Program.
Because Motiva® believes women have the right to change their mind, this program means: If they choose to, all women with JOY will have the option to reverse their augmentation with their Ergonomix2® implants, no matter the reason.

Support, Every Step of the Way

Access to a personalized platform that walks you through your breast aesthetic journey at every stage.

Creates a match made just for you, based on what matters the most for you, when choosing a procedure and surgeon.


Browse before and after pictures that capture the look you desire and easily share them with your surgeon.


See which surgeons are located in your area (or anywhere you want!) and connect with them.


Find the right information for you, personalized to what you are looking to learn before your breast augmentation.


Live support for personalized attention during your journey.


Follow a guide to perform breast self-examinations and find information about your breast health.


Connect with women just like you from all over the world, share your journey, story and be part of our community.

Set Your Standards,
Find Your Match

The JOY platform is here to help you design your ideal outcome, right from the very start of your journey.

This means helping you set your standards, organize that inspiration board, and match you with the right surgeon for your desired result.

Set Your
Find Your Match

The JOY platform is here to help you design your ideal outcome, right from the very start of your journey.

This means helping you set your standards, organize that inspiration board, and match you with the right surgeon for your desired result.

Meet Our JOY Partners

An exclusive selection of world-class surgeons that we have trained to ensure the JOY quality standards.

You Are Covered

Your safety and peace of mind are our priority. That is why we have created our best-in-class warranty program, which are automatically included when you choose to be part of JOY, to support you in the rare case complications arise after your breast augmentation.

Learn about our warranty program

– Always Confident Warranty®, and Product Replacement Policy against capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV for a period of 10 years

– Motiva® Extended Warranty (only included automatically with JOY) 5Y Extended Warranty for Motiva Implants® with Qid®.

This warranty covers the actual procedure cost in the rare event of a capsular contracture or rupture with up to 2,500 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD


JOY is an all-in-one program that provides women with a premium breast augmentation experience. It includes the latest Motiva® implant technology through Ergonomix2® a minimal-incision procedure delivered by JOY partners, and support for their journey through our interactive digital tools.

Additionally, women are provided with the opportunity to remove their implants, for whatever reason, through the Motiva Woman’s Choice Program, which grants a financial aid of 1,500 USD for the explantation procedure. Our 5Y Extended Warranty program is also already included when choosing JOY, which covers up to 2,500 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD in the unlikely event of a capsular contracture or rupture.

Ergonomix2® is designed to combine all the Motiva® safety technologies including SmoothSilk® / SilkSurface® and Qid®, with new enhanced features like Motiva SuperSilicones®, TrueMonobloc+, and BluSeal+®. These refinements mean more elastic, advanced smooth implants designed to provide improved ergonomy through the adaptability of an even softer implant than Ergonomix®.

Ergonomix2® is only available through the JOY program. Ask your surgeon about JOY by Motiva® so you can feel the difference!

No. Surgeons that are performing the JOY program have undergone a specialized medical education program through Motiva®. JOY by Motiva® includes training for these selected plastic surgeons on how to reduce complications and perform specialized techniques like Motiva MinimalScar®.

JOY includes the very best of technology and innovation in the implant, procedure, and support provided throughout your journey:

New generation implant Ergonomix2® with SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®, ProgressiveGel Ultima®, Motiva SuperSilicones®, TrueMonobloc+®, BluSeal+®, and Qid®.

Motiva Woman’s Choice Program enables all women with JOY to remove their implants, if it be their choice for whatever reason, and receive a financial aid of 1,500 USD for this procedure.

Motiva MinimalScar® for a discreet, clean result.

The possibility of adding specialized procedures like Motiva MinimalScar® or Motiva Hybrid® for customized results.

The interactive digital experience through motiva.health, for education and additional support. This is what it looks like:

-Profile creation through My Motiva®

-Motiva® Interactive for guided content navigation

-Health Coach


-Inspiration Board

-Motiva® Match

-Center Locator

-5Y Extended warranty

Motiva SuperSilicones® is a high-strength silicone dispersion used in the shell of Ergonomix2®, leading to improved mechanical properties than tested commercially available implants.

A dispersion barrier that reduces silicone gel diffusion from the Ergonomix2® implants compared to tested commercially available implants.

A proprietary system that improves flexibility for easier insertion of implants with equivalent volume through smaller openings than Ergonomix® implants.


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