Trust your desire
to reinvent

It's been years, even decades, of dedicating your life to others. And while nothing beats caring after your loved ones, a little you time and a self-esteem boost is more than necessary. Are you ready to explore your possibilities with Motiva®?

Rest assured, we've prioritized your safety at every stage

We know that this is one of your main concerns, rightfully so. Let us show you our exclusive safety innovations that have kept Motiva® Implants under the less than 1% complications rate1:

SmoothSilk® / SilkSurface®

Our unique and advanced smooth surface designed to minimize inflammation and reduce the risk of double capsules.


This blue-tinted safety barrier on the implant's surface is what allows surgeons to visually check the implant's integrity. No other implant has this!


A multilayer system that links all the implant components together, making is highly elastic and durable, designed to minimize ruptures and leaks.


An optional, built-in digital passport that allows non-invasive and instant verification of important implant information at any time after surgery.

What does your
best version look

Allow yourself to dream about You 2.0, we're here with the options to make it a reality.

MotivaHybrid® Breast Augmentation

Balance smaller Motiva® Implants with your own purified fat, transferred from other areas of your body, for a more sculpted appearance.

Motiva MinimalScar®

A specialided technique to reduce incisions to nearly half the standard size, for smaller, hardly noticeable scars!


Get full and youthful-looking breasts with Motiva® breast lift.

Also, meet Ergonomix® and Round®, implants designed to expand your idea of what a breast augmentation can be.

Now, it can not only look natural, but feel and move naturally as well!

Ready to back to your old body, but even better? We're here for you, every step of the way.

This content does not provide medical advice It is intented for informational purposes only.

1Sforza M, Zaccheddu R, Alleruzzo A et al. Preliminary 3-year evaluation of experience with SilkSurface and VelvetSurface Motiva silicone breast implants: a single-center experience with 5813 consecutive breast augmentation cases.

Aesthet Surg J. 2018; 38(Suppl 2):S62-S73.