Improved partnership through a patient centric approach

For over a decade, we have created patient centric solutions for the most discerning plastic surgeon partners.
There are many considerations for both patients and plastic surgeons when taking their respective decisions in a breast augmentation journey.

When Women Ask for JOY By Motiva®,

A New Kind of Partnership in Breast Aesthetics: JOY

JOY Includes Several Key Components for an Improved Partnership

State-of-the-art implant technology through Ergonomix2®
Proprietary tools for Motiva MinimalScar®
5Y warranty for capsular contracture and surgery with up to 2,500 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD financial aid for surgery
Motiva Woman’s Choice Program to support in the event of a woman’s desire to remove the implants
Partnership with JOY surgeons
Support and education for patients through digital media and patient platform

The JOY Program:

An Exclusive Partnership



Patient education through our digital platforms

Our improved implant technology platform - Ergonomix2®

Smaller incisions with Motiva MinimalScar®

Motiva Woman’s Choice Program: Financial aid in the case of implant removal

5Y Extended Warranty: Financial aid in case of capsular contracture or rupture




- New digital consultation tools to redirect patients to your clinic from digital patient education campaigns

- Specialized medical education

- Highlighted profile on Center Locator

- Patients filtered based on your specialty through Motiva® Match

- JOY marketing and social media material

- JOY clinic material

- Landing pages to make sure women who are looking for JOY by Motiva® can find you

Exclusive access to Ergonomix2®

Specialized tools to perform Motiva MinimalScar®

Be Part of Something Bigger

Because of our proprietary technology, customer centric approach, and patient education initiatives, a social movement with women asking for Motiva® has become a reality.

With JOY, we will take these efforts to a new level, increasing patient awareness through both partnerships and organic channels.

Digital Programs, Partnership, And Patient Education

As a part of the JOY program, we provide personalized support for women, answering any questions they might have and guiding them through their journey.

We have the biggest community of the category AND the most active one too, having a 108 % growth in interactions from one year to another

Women are sharing their stories and how proud they are about their decisions. Women are constantly asking where to find a surgeon using Motiva® .

Conversations about Motiva® focus on positive experiences from surgeons and patients all over the world who are recommending our implants.

Motiva® leads the share of voice of the category, with more than 16 million women reached through third parties

The JOY by Motiva® program will increase the level of understanding and engagement to women who would consider JOY by Motiva® .

JoySuite Educational Platform

As a JOY Partner, you will be included in our medical education program for unique access to the JOYSuite Technology Platform, Joy Support Programs, and our Joy Educational Platform for patients. applications consist of multiple experiences to help consumers find the correct plastic surgeon and help them throughout their breast augmentation journey.


JoySuite Technology Platform

Ergonomix2® – Our Latest Generation Implant

Ergonomix2® brings the latest in silicon innovation, created to provide enhanced safety and tailored aesthetic results.

Ergonomix2® is different from all other implants in the market. Ready to feel the difference?

Our improved gel and shell composition provide enhanced ergonomy and yield an even softer implant than Ergonomix®

Ergonomix2® Brings The Next Generation Of Supersilicones


bring higher elongation and improved mechanical properties


improves flexibility for easier insertion


reduces silicone gel diffusion from the Ergonomix2® implants compared to tested and commercially available implants

Improved Ergonomy

through adaptability of an even softer implant

The Latest Implant Technology With Several Patient Centric Benefits

Within JoySuite, Ergonomix2® and the MotivaImagine® Insertion Sleeve are always included.

Because of Ergonomix2® improved mechanical properties and our ancillary products, performing Motiva MinimalScar® with this new implant technology is an optimal choice for you and your patients. The technology platform allows JOY Partners to differentiate themselves in the market.

*available in selected markets

Safety Features


New formula for enhanced ergonomy and feel with improved mechanical properties of tested and commercially available implants.


A proprietary multi-layer system unifying the implant’s structure and allowing it to bend and squeeze with Motiva MinimalScar®.


“The blue implant” The only device of its kind with a visual safety barrier, achieving the lowest level of gel diffusion of tested and commercially available implants.


A gel with a unique set of rheological properties that provides a better adaptation to change than other silicone gels tested, resembling the movement of natural tissue.


A controlled advanced smooth surface that improves biocompatibility.


All the information you should know about the implants, kept safely through a battery-free and passive radiofrequency identification device.

Add Value With Our Unique Designed Surgeries

Motiva® combines innovative products and tools with the most advanced surgical approaches to create designed surgeries for custom patient outcomes.

Custom Results

Learn how Motiva® delivers safety through innovation, optimizing the patient experience for healthy, beautiful, predictable outcomes.

With its unique combination of tools and techniques, the Motiva MinimalScar® procedure enables surgeons to insert Motiva Implants® using incisions as small as 2.5 cm – around half the size of the current industry standard.

The JOYSuite includes specialized tools for achieving the best possible results.

The New Patient Experience


Through this tool, we gather patient’s data to help them find exactly what they are looking for.


We educate through patient care, giving a close follow up and full-time availability to JOY patients concerns and needs.


Let JOY patients match with you! Builds patients’ profiles getting their data for easier consultations. The first interactive experience that allows women to match with a specific procedure and a surgeon that fits the best with their needs.


Compilation of the results by our surgeons for patients to have inspiration for their ideal outcome.


Let patients find you! Get a highlighted profile and top position as a JOY partner in selected markets.


As a women’s health company, we developed an informative app that helps patients keep track of their well-being.


A space where women from all over the world, share their stories and review their processes and results.

Product Warranty

We have always provided exceptional warranties for patients through our strong foundation of support.

Improved Warranties

All women who decide to have Motiva® JOY will be automatically covered by our Always Confident Warranty® , our Product Replacement Policy, and our Extended warranty program for 5Y.

This means that all women with JOY by Motiva® will be covered up to 2,500 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD per breast in case of a rupture or capsular contracture Baker grades III and IV.

Motiva Woman’s Choice Program

The Motiva Woman’s Choice Program is a JOY patient’s exclusive, free of charge program that only applies to Motiva Ergonomix2® implants with Qid® . JOY patients will receive 1,500 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD financial aid if they decide to reverse the procedure within the first 8 years after implantation.

Access the latest implant technology

Deliver impeccable results

Elevate your reputation

Be part of something bigger


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