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Blog Post March 25, 2021 5 MIN READ

Ask the right questions with these essential topics that could help guide your conversation with your surgeon.

As the day of consultation approaches, it’s so easy to get caught up on all the information available to us, that we sometimes forget to take a step back and really think about ourselves: what do we want from our surgery? What would be out ideal result and procedure? After all, the decision to undertake breast surgery is not just an investment of our hard-earned cash, but a long-term investment into our health. Therefore, whether you are choosing to have a breast augmentation to increase the volume of your breast or you simply want to restore your breasts to their former glory, the choice to have breast surgery is not a decision taken lightly and should be made armed with reliable, consistent and objective information to make smart, beautiful choices. The key to this? Asking the right questions. These are some essential topics that could help you guide your conversation:

1. What are your qualifications and skills?

We have all heard the good, the bad, and the ugly stories of plastic surgery, from deadly Brazilian butt lifts to lopsided breasts. Due to the lucrative nature of plastic surgery, unfortunately, some doctors are pretending to be fully qualified surgeons, which often leads to surgical complications and poor results. Therefore, gaining a good understanding of your surgeons’ credentials and technical skills with the scalpel can help avoid a poor result and a journey of mishaps.

2. How many breast augmentation surgeries have you performed?

While many doctors can perform a breast augmentation, not all of these surgeons specialize in breast surgery, resulting in poor results. Choosing a surgeon who has excellent experience in breast surgery can maximize your aesthetic results and minimize the risk of post-operative complications. Requesting before and after pictures can help you gain a good understanding of the surgeon’s work.

3. Where will my procedure be performed?

All surgical procedures should be performed in a clean, accredited ambulatory surgery facility with adequate resources should any complications arise. Fully accredited facilities provide not only proof of commitment to high-quality healthcare but also a commitment to meeting high- patient standards.

4. Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

As with all surgical procedures, there are a few cases in which breast augmentation might not be right for you or just not right at this time, and it all depends on your health and current lifestyle. However, with that said, most women are excellent candidates for breast augmentation. With Motiva® exclusive designed surgeries and comprehensive product portfolio, you have the choice of many options to meet your individual needs and desires.

5. What are breast implant options available to me?

The choice of breast implant is just as important as your surgeon. Breast implant devices are a medical device, and just as drugs can have side effects, medical devices can come with complications. Therefore, choosing an implant with low complication rates and good safety data is key to not only your safety but also reducing the risk of post-operative complications. To date, Motiva® breast implants, hold an impeccable less than 1% complication rate in over 1 million implants worldwide!

6. What implant size should I get?

It is important to note that although you may have a desires cup size in mind, the choice of your breast implant size should be made on your anatomy. Choosing a breast implant too big or too small can affect the long-term results of your surgery and the aesthetic appearance. Therefore, choosing a breast implant that is as close to your desired cup size, but within your anatomical parameters is key to long term results and breast appearance.

7. How long will my breast implants last?

Although we would love our new ladies to last a lifetime, unfortunately, breast implants are not lifetime devices. With most medical devices as time goes by, often newer, more advanced breast implants and surgical techniques come available. But that’s not all, just as nature intended, following the gradual effects of aging, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations, and start to droop which may require further surgeries to refresh your breasts, therefore discussing with your surgeon potential additional surgeries can help you make the choices that are right for you.

8. What are the potential complications of breast surgery?

All medical procedures have complications, just as all drugs can have side effects. Breast augmentation is no different. Therefore, it is a good time to ask your surgeon about complications related to both general anaesthesia and breast surgery to enable you to be comfortable with your surgery and make smart, informed decisions.

9. What is the warranty on the implants?

Most breast implants come with a lifetime warranty. However, not all breast implant manufacturers will cover financial assistance or may require a specific criterion. Understanding the cover available and or potentially extended warranties can provide you with long term reassurance. For more information on Motiva®, Warranties, click here.

10. How can I get the best out of my surgery?

Preparing for your surgery and following clear instructions provided by your surgeon can not only help receive optimal results but also a speedy recovery. Understanding the recovery process can help you plan your surgery around your lifestyle and allow you to understand what to expect after your surgery if you would like to hear more about the recovery process before your consultation check out our FAQ FOR RECOVERY BLOG.

*The information provided is for informational and educational purposes only, the content herein is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a physician. Motiva Implants® are not yet commercially available in the US and are undergoing clinical investigation pursuant to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for investigational medical devices.


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[1] The information provided is for informational and educational purposes only, the content herein is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a physician. Motiva® Implants are not yet commercially available in the US and are undergoing clinical investigation pursuant to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for investigational medical devices.
[2] The statements and opinions presented here are applicable to each individual. Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. All statements are voluntarily provided and are not paid, nor were they provided with free products, services, or any benefits in exchange for said statements. The statements are representative of patient experience; the exact results and experience will be unique and individual to each patient.