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The most powerful part of a breast augmentation journey is the stories other amazing women have to share. Get to know how Motiva® can become a smart, beautiful choice in your life.

Real Story
"My experience with Motiva is sometimes hard to describe. I’ve had the best team around me during the surgery and since day one, my motivas [have] felt natural and a part of my daily life! It feels like I’ve had them forever and they remind me every day that I [made] the right decision by choosing Motiva."
Natural Look
Real Story
"Motiva gave me my life back. They brought me back to myself. I want other women to know, even though this horrible thing is happening to you, you can opt for reconstruction and come back from this as the same person you were."
Breast Cancer Survivor
Real Story
"The secret to a great result is to find the best implant, the best surgeon, and to follow all the instructions for pre- and post-op. In my case, I had a wonderful recovery, without any pain, and was back to my daily routine very quickly. As of today, I’ve had my Motiva Implants for a year and four months, and it was one of my best decisions. Now I am more confident in myself, I feel better and am happy with my results. If this is your dream too, go ahead!"
Real Story
"I chose Motiva because I wanted the most natural look, and my journey has been really amazing; honestly nobody even notices I have breast surgery, and I feel really confident and comfortable."
Natural & Soft Enhancement - Motiva Ergonomix® 265 cc

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Natural & Soft Enhancement - Motiva Ergonomix® 265 cc

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Active Lifestyle Check - Motiva® Round 250cc

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