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Anatomical TrueFixation®

Stable anatomical shape – Anatomical TrueFixation® our teardrop-shaped anatomical implant.

It´s all about safety

About Anatomical TrueFixation®

Designed to simulate the shape of a natural breast. As the only smooth anatomical implant on the market, this implant comes with fixation tabs to keep the implant in place, as well as radiopaque orientation lines and dots to guide the surgeon during placement and to verify implant position during X-ray.

Benefits of Anatomical TrueFixation®


Rotation-resistant, Blue radiopaque lines and dots on the implant guide the surgeon in properly orienting it during placement and allow for X-ray visibility during post-op follow-ups to ensure everything has stayed in place.


Two reinforced silicone tabs (i.e. its “fixation” system) can be sutured to tissue to minimize the implant displacement.


TrueFixation® comes with our cell-friendly SmoothSilk® SilkSurface®, to help reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

Your Journey with Motiva®

Find a Motiva® Surgeon

If you are considering a breast augmentation, whatever your unique reason is for wanting one, we believe in empowering women to take control of their health choices. Through our Center Locator, you can connect with a certified Motiva® surgeon close to you, filtered by your needs and goals.

Select a Motiva® Implant

You have right to know about your options and choose for yourself. Based on your individual anatomy and base tissue, you and your surgeon will find the perfect match between the types of implants (Motiva® Round, Ergonomix®, or Anatomical TrueFixation®) and projection options (Mini, Demi, Full, Corsé) available to you, paired with one of our designed surgeries to better fit your needs.

Go Through Your Breast Augmentation1

Preparing for your surgery and following clear instructions provided by your surgeon can not only help receive optimal results but also a speedy recovery. Understanding the recovery process can help you plan your surgery around your lifestyle and allow you to understand what to expect after your surgery.

Register Your Implants

You’re literally only one step away from:

  • Verifying your true Motiva® Implants
  • Keeping your implant credentials digital and hassle-free
  • 20 years of confidence in your decision!

Registering your implants is for your own peace of mind and years of confidence in your decision. You have a 90-day window after surgery to do it. We’ll walk you through it with you!

Confidence for Years – Extended Warranty

Don’t just settle, extend your warranty. You can extend your warranty for longer and more complete coverage over your implants, with the possibility of product replacement and financial.

Post-Op and Recovery1

When it comes to recovery from breast augmentation, closely following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions is critical to avoiding unwanted side effects and ensuring your new breasts heal correctly. Each person heals at their own pace, so take it easy, be a patient patient, and avoid rushing into anything – you don’t want to undo all your surgeon’s hard work!

Surgeries Designed for You


Combined Motiva® Implants with purified fat grafts from your other parts of your body that you want to slim.

Safety, Innovation & Patient Centricity

As a concept created by and unique to Motiva®, breast optimization is about creating a positive, empowering experience for women to collaborate with their surgeons in customizing their desired breast look and feel, using the very best that technological innovation has to offer and a solid foundation of clinical and scientific research.

Motiva® Warranty

Motiva® Extended Warranty


  • ANATOMICAL TRUEFIXATION® is designed to simulate the shape of a natural breast (i.e. a teardrop shape). As the only smooth anatomical implant on the market, this implant comes with fixation tabs to keep the implant in place, as well as radiopaque orientation lines and dots to guide the surgeon during placement and to verify implant position during X-ray.
  • MOTIVA® ROUND IMPLANTS provide a higher upper pole for a fuller-bodied, youthful appearance. Round implants are the most common implant shape, and are used in almost 80 percent of all breast augmentation surgeries.
  • ERGONOMIX® contains our proprietary gel known as Ultima®, which allows the implant to follow a women’s natural shape, holding a round profile when lying down and a teardrop when standing. This provides a very natural appearance and feel, especially during movement.

As with all surgical procedures, there are a few cases in which breast augmentation might not be right for you or just not right at this time, and it all depends on your health and current lifestyle. However, with that said, most women are excellent candidates for breast augmentation and your surgeon will advise you on your suitability.

Gaining a good understanding of your surgeon’s credentials and technical skills in surgery can help to avoid a journey of mishaps. It is OK to ask “What are your qualifications and skills?”

While many doctors can perform a breast augmentation, not all these surgeons specialize in breast surgery. Choosing a surgeon who has excellent experience in breast surgery can maximize your aesthetic results and minimize the risk of post-operative complications. Requesting “before-and-after” pictures can help you gain a good understanding of the surgeon’s work.

Remember that through our Find a Motiva® surgeon, you can connect with a certified surgeon who takes the time to answer your questions and has the skills to make you feel that you are in safe hands.

Find a Motiva® Surgeon

We believe modern women like you deserve modern choices when considering a breast augmentation or reconstruction. Take control of your health and beauty!

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[1] The information provided is for informational and educational purposes only, the content herein is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a physician. Motiva® Implants are not yet commercially available in the US and are undergoing clinical investigation pursuant to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for investigational medical devices.
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