For years, decades really, so many women choosing to undergo a breast augmentation have been kept in the dark- about the process, the brands, the sizes, the risks… without fully realizing that they not only have right to know about their options, but to also choose for themselves. Fast-forward to, well, now, at the height of women’s empowerment and body positivity, when we are finally coming to the realization that we can educate ourselves, form our own opinions and speak out about what we truly want (yes, even breast augmentation!).

If you’re at this point where you’re seriously thinking about breast implants, know that the power of decision is yours to claim, every step of the way. Even when consulting an experienced professional, you can steer the conversation in the direction you’d like, to gain further insight and understanding of what you’re about to step into. Don’t be shy or ashamed of having many questions, you have the right to know!

Here are a few things you might want to bring up with your surgeon during a consultation:

1. Surface safety

Women taking control over their breast augmentations isn’t the only change for the better recently… implant surfaces have also seen an evolution in the past decade with new generation SmoothSilk®, which is specifically designed with the patient’s safety in mind. The next generation SmoothSilk surface, causes a different reaction in the body from previous surfaces like traditional smooth (from the 60’s!) and textured surfaces (from the 80’s). This is an important topic to cover with your surgeon, you can flat out ask about implant safety and the differences between these surfaces . If the conversation quickly gets misdirected, make a point of circling back and making it clear it’s important to you

2. The right implant for you

The shape: Did you know that there are different implant shapes? Whether you are wanting a youthful look, like Motiva® Round , or a natural look like Motiva Ergonomix®  , you can ask your surgeon the implant shapes available to match your goals and lifestyle.

The size: Instead of obsessing solely on the implant size, ask about your pre-existing volume (the natural breast tissue you’re starting off with), the measurements of your body, and together decide what implant will look proportionate. And remember! The surgeon can give their professional advice, but ultimately you call the shots.


3. Types of surgery

Maybe you’re interested in doing a little 2 in 1 with body sculpting and breast augmentation, in which case you could ask about MotivaHybrid® , or maybe your breasts have seen brighter days and are now looking for a lift as well as enhancement. There are several types of breast surgeries, ask if there is maybe an option you haven’t even considered yet.

4. Future plans

Are you maybe thinking about having kids sometime soon? Or in the middle of a weight-loss journey? You may want to consider putting off the BA for a while, and for sure talk about it with your surgeon. Any changes your body faces can affect your breasts and surgery outcome.

5. Risks and complications

Like any other surgery, there is always the possibility of complication. You may have already heard of a few of the more common breast augmentation risks (rupture, bottoming out, implant displacement, capsular contracture…), so having a clear conversation with your surgeon about them and how probable it is to experience them is important.

6. Preparing for surgery

If you do decide to go through with the surgery, you want to make sure you understand what you should and shouldn’t be doing the days leading up to it. Are there certain foods to avoid? Should I purchase over-the-counter medication ahead of time? Ask for a detailed list, and be sure to actually stick to it!



7. Post-op and recovery

There are always a million bazillion questions about this phase, so really go for it, knock yourself out. Ask about how long you should take off work, the gym, driving, and sex! If there is anything you can do to hurry the process along, and how often you should schedule follow-up visits. It wouldn’t hurt to even mention the possibility of establishing an open communication channel (texts, email?) for when you have questions down the line.

8. Scars

Nowadays there are ways to create the smallest incision possible and insert the implant without damaging it, leaving barely noticeable scars and a super discreet result. During surgery this procedure is called Motiva MinimalScar® . You can also ask about scar creams to use and what to expect during the healing process.

9. Verification

Following the lines of control and empowerment, talk to your surgeon about Qid®  technology, which is a unique feature that allows you to verify the authenticity of your implants and take control of your own data without relying on a third party.

10. Implant replacement

Last but not least, remember that implants aren’t lifetime devices, so you might want to ask your surgeon how long you can keep the same ones, and when you should begin thinking about replacement surgery. You’ll have plenty of time, but it doesn’t hurt to be in the know before then.



You may already have other topics in mind, and that’s great! The more you ask and discuss, the more you’ll be able to make smart and informed decisions for yourself. So, pull out your favorite notepad (or notes section in your phone) and go be the boss of your BA.

Looking for a Motiva® surgeon who can answer all your questions and get you closer to your dream results? Click here!

*The information provided is for informational and educational purposes only, and the content herein is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a physician. Motiva Implants® are not yet commercially available in US and are undergoing clinical investigation pursuant to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for investigational medical devices.

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