Commemorating our first
Motiva® Breast Health Day

The first of many to come!

On October 1st 2021, we commemorated our first Motiva® Breast Health Day. A date we founded to highlight our purpose as a women centric company: to stand by women’s health and well-being.

The inauguration of Motiva® Breast Health Day took place a the Saint Pau Hospital in Barcelona and it consisted of 2 sessions. The first half of the day dedicated entirely to our patients and breast cancer survivors; a space in which various topics related to the health of women and their breasts were discussed. Among them, nutrition, self-care, early detection of breast cancer, the breast cancer journey, empowerment, decision-making, among others.

We also had the incredible honor of being accompanied by breast cancer survivors, who shared their stories in a round table of testimonies, including Vanessa Nueda from @elcrepdemivida, Montserrat Sanahuja and Marta Pujol.

Fiona Steil-Antoni, Woman International Master by FIDE in 2010, contributed to the session through her speech on empowerment and mental strength, relating women’s chess to our daily lives.

The second half of the day consisted of a session of conferences among health care professionals, physicians, and surgeons, regarding women’s health, breast reconstruction, as well as technologies and techniques that have evolved the breast health area throughout the years.

This day was also an opportunity for our CEO and founder, Juan José Chacón, to speak about the launch of Aesthetic BreastRecon, our new breast reconstruction platform, which focuses on providing safety, well-being and aesthetic results to women.

At Motiva®, we’re committed to keep developing safe spaces like this one, which will bring awareness and empowerment into women’s lives. As a company, we believe healthy women are empowered and that’s why we have also created several initiatives to bring power to our patients:

1. Knowledge is power: our main goal is for women to own their health and honor their bodies. If you are considering breast implants, we want you to know we have safe and innovative options you can choose from.

2. Implant registration is key: Why? Because you can control your journey to the very last detail, trace and manage your implant information.

3. Get to know our warranty options: We offer a warranty program designed to keep you covered against complications. We also give you the choice to extend your warranty for more years of security and tranquility.

4. A coach for your breast health: If you need a reminder for your monthly self exam, we offer a step-by-step guide.

5. With power comes responsibility: the reason we created our bill of Patient Rights and Responsibilities in Breast Health, Breast Aesthetics and reconstructions.

6. Embrace Life: We believe in empowering women in every space possible. This is why we created #EmbraceLife, a platform to highlight women representation in sports like chess, rugby and polo, and also within sustainable development with the environment. We will always encourage you to live life to the fullest.


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