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In a remarkable journey of perseverance, vision and dedication, our story has defied all odds in healing an entire industry. All by focusing on one thing: creating women-centric solutions. What started as a dream to change the landscape of Women’s Health, has blossomed into an awe-inspiring reality.

And we’re only getting started.

July marks yet another milestone in our journey, as we gather to celebrate the inauguration of a cutting-edge innovation campus in Costa Rica. We take great pride in knowing that our headquarters and laboratories are based in such a culturally rich country that celebrates sustainability, social development, and is full of such a collective kindness in its nature that radiates warmth. It serves as a strong partner to drive an ecosystem that connects and responds to fast-evolving needs, where technology and women-centricity converge to shape the future of healthcare.

This remarkable achievement, accomplished in just nine years, has transformed Women’s Health in ways our founders could have never imagined.

A Center of Creation, Community, and Balance

The great Sulàyöm mountain, inspiration for our innovation campus, dates to the indigenous Bribri tribe’s origin stories. From the beginning of time, it was chosen as a sacred center by the gods, considered to be the center of the earth and the sky. A place where the god Sibö̀ planted seeds, guarded by Surá, that resulted in the birth of the Bribris and their sister tribes.

For us, Sulàyöm represents a center of innovation, the heart of our community designed to host Women’s Health contributors from all over the world who can meet with patients and healthcare professionals to create, connect, and innovate. The campus stands as a symbol of inclusivity and progress.

A Hub for Women’s Health Contributors, Patients, and Healthcare Professionals

This spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange begins with our clinical amphitheater, the Sulàyöm Global Learning Center; a space dedicated to medical education and learning. Experts and medical professionals from various disciplines will gather here to share their expertise, refine their skills, and collectively shape the future of women’s healthcare.

It will also feature a studio for content creation, expanding our ability to communicate and share with the world our solutions for Women’s Health and well-being, while honoring the stories of empowered women all over the world.

Sulàyöm is surrounded by the Resilience Forest, a forest planted by breast cancer survivors, acknowledging both their rebirth and perseverance, and serving as a daily reminder of the importance of our work. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, Sulàyöm fosters an environment where new ideas are nurtured, and innovation thrives. Its walls are full of creations by artists from all over the world, further solidifying the beauty of our position as a global company.

We Before Me

‘We Before Me’ is our guiding principle within the company and represents all our achievements to date. The collective efforts of collaborators throughout the world are integral to everything we have reached, and will reach, in the nine years since the birth of Establishment Labs. When we embarked on our journey, faced with the daunting task of challenging the status quo in a well-established market and armed with a resolute belief in the power of innovation, we set out to redefine the boundaries of women’s healthcare. We have grown and now have a direct and indirect presence in 85 countries all over the world, with distribution centers in Belgium and Brazil, a Women’s Health Hub in Spain, and offices in multiple countries, all of which places us well on track to transforming the lives of women worldwide.

All these achievements come as a promise to us and women all over the world with The Motiva® Standard. This commitment has not only transformed the lives of countless individuals, but has also paved the way for a more equitable and compassionate healthcare landscape. It serves as a catalyst for further advancements, empowering researchers, practitioners, and patients alike to push boundaries and forge a path towards a healthier future.

From humble beginnings to healing an entire industry, our relentless pursuit of excellence has reshaped the landscape of Women’s Health and well-being. As we look to the future, let us embrace this achievement and remain inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we can continue to innovate, collaborate, and place Women’s Health at the core of our everyday actions.


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