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Blog Post July 22, 2022 post.reading-time

Latest Packaging Alert!

Everything we do comes from a place of healing and trust; the packaging of our products is no exception. We gladly introduce you to our latest packaging design, but before delving into the arts and design of it all, you need to know how significant and inherent our commitment to nature and its preservation is.

Women’s Health is priority number one for us – from our safety and well-being to taking the appropriate actions to preserve and protect the place we live. But, how though? In May 2019, our headquarters and manufacturing plants were certified as carbon neutral. Since then, we have maintained this award ever since.

For the making of every step of this artistic journey, we consider sustainable efforts coming from the production of the packaging to the content creation. The boxes of our products use water-based coated ink, meaning that they are less toxic, have lower VOC levels, and are less flammable. Their use reduces air emissions and improves the health and safety of the manufactured team. Also, they’re FSC certificated, proving that the materials used originated from sustainable and legal sources.

For the content creation, we made a living set – yes, we had to water the mini garden every 30 minutes! Each plant, flower, and art integrated for the photos and video production were returned to the earth. We used natural props and recycled materials, and we are committed to keeping these actions for all possible upcoming occasions.

Sustainability is at our core; this time we wanted to portray the importance of preserving natural resources, which was our inspiration, to unfold the magic of our nature through “The Depths of the Wild.” We share a profound attachment to the fauna of the tropics through these artistic designs, especially for those animals that are endangered by our human activities. This animalistic series consists of serigraphic printing of some of Costa Rica’s largest wild cats: the jaguar, puma, jaguarundi and one of their favorite prey, the white-tailed deer.

Natural Artistry

Ricardo Alfieri – born in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica – is a self-taught visual artist who has been exhibited in the United States and Puerto Rico. Alfieri indulges in the exploration of spiritual and pre-Columbian elements in his artwork. A talented artist who is nature-driven, socially conscious, and a cultural activist – there couldn’t be a better match to imprint and give life to our packaging!

Let’s hear from the artist himself and how his art unfolds deeply in the representation of our products.

From the study of nature and its relation with women to the simple but captivating design work, this creative journey tells a story about love and how it reflects through strength, beauty, and vitality. Take a closer look at Alfieri’s work.

Partnership Platform

This innovative packaging is also consciously designed for the surgeon’s community, integrating tools and experiences to bond with a partnership platform. Check it out here: https://motiva.health/surgeons-motiva-experience/.

We integrated a QR code in our packaging, where surgeons around the world will have access to a space dedicated to their work and their growth and also our Motiva® implants matrix to find over 600 product options for tailored results.

Innovation, sustainability, and art came together to safeguard Women’s Health. Let’s keep this journey on #FemTech going on to protect our present and preserve our future.


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