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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about breast surgery, gluteal surgery, and Motiva®.

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General questions

Where can I read the Direction for Use?
What are the requirements to get Motiva® Implants?
Who should not get Motiva® Implants?
What complications might occur with breast implants?
After breast surgery, how long does the recovery process take?
Is the microtransponder (Qid®) safe for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)? Does it interfere with MRI images?
Can breast implants interfere with mammographies?
Can I breastfeed with breast implants?
How long do Motiva Implants® last?
Which Motiva® Implants will give me a round look?
Which Motiva® Implants provide a more natural appearance?
Motiva® Implants are available in three categories: Motiva® Round, Ergonomix® and Anatomical TrueFixation®. What exactly is the difference between them?
What is the difference between Mini/Demi/Full/Corsé?
What is Qid®?
Can you recommend a clinic/surgeon that uses Motiva Implants® in my country?
Are Motiva® Implants FDA approved?
Where can I find more information about Motiva® products?

Breast screening

Are there any safety concerns for patients with Motiva® Implants with Qid®?
Can Qid® affect MRI evaluation for a potential implant rupture?
What specifically causes artifacts?
What information needs to be provided to the radiologist prior to an MRI with Motiva® Implants with Qid®?
Are there alternative or additional imaging modalities that will improve visualization of the artifact/affected area?
Other than improved imaging visualization, are there other benefits to adding a second imaging modality?

Implant registration

How do I register my Motiva® Implants?
How I can find the SN/ESN/VC in my Patient Card?
How I can find the SN/ESN/VC in my Patient Card? (Brazil)

About warranties

Are all Motiva Implants® are covered for the lifetime of the device?
How can I extend the coverage of my Motiva® Implants?
Do all Motiva® Implants qualify for the extended 2- and 5-year warranty?
When does the Extended Warranty Program not apply?

Woman's Choice Program

Terms and conditions

File a Complaint

File a Complaint


Where can I read the Direction for Use?
What are the requirements to get GlutealArmonic®?

Implants registration

How do I register my GlutealArmonic® implant(s)?
What is the SN/ESN?

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