Access video content to learn more about breast implants and the innovative solutions developed by Motiva.

Motiva® Videos

Ready for a change

Changing your implants is a decision made together with your surgeon. Learn how to go about it.

A Recon Journey

Take a closer look into a breast cancer survivor’s personal experience and decision to undergo reconstruction surgery.

Why Does Elasticity Matter?

Elasticity measures the maximum extent to which an item can be stretched while still being able to return to its original form. Learn why elasticity matters for a breast implant.

Our Manufacturing Process

Explore what goes into the manufacturing of Motiva Implants®.

Motiva® Implant Projections

Implant size and projection is an important factor in how your new breasts might look relative to the rest of your body. Discover the options Motiva® offers to suit a variety of body types.

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Our Purpose: Women’s Health

Women’s health is the driving factor behind Motiva®

Smoother than Smooth®

Learn about the benefits of our Motiva® smooth surface.

Implant Evolution by Motiva®

Our new, advanced smooth surface brings much-needed evolution to implant surface technology.

How is Motiva® Designed for Safety?

Discover the first-of-its-kind safety features that come with Motiva Implants®.

A Real Patient Experience

Get an in-depth preview into the Motiva® patient experience as one of our patients details her journey from start to finish.

Seal your safety

Motiva Implant’s BluSeal® is a blue-tinted visual barrier layer which allows surgeons to check the integrity of implant’s shell. Visionary right?

Flexibility in Every layer

A unified structure designed to minimize ruptures and leaks, as well as its elasticity allows an easier implant insertion by your surgeon. Check out The TrueMonobloc®

The simplest way to get your implants info

Hear the beep and check out your implants info at any time you want thanks to QID Safety Technology®.

So smooth!

Designed for fewer complications, SmoothSilk® surface has become a real game-changer.

Here is your back up

Do you want your implants info to be always with you? QID Safety Technology® makes it possible just a beep away.

Thanks a Million!

Thanks to the patients and surgeons who believed in Motiva®, we’ve reached this pivotal milestone.